What we Specialize in

PM Tasks is an ever-growing vertical in the field of project management, and our multiple, diverse programmes keep up with the latest from the industry. Our specializations include:

Project Management as a Service

Ever since its inception, PM Tasks has been dedicatedly working in the domain of Project Management as a Service. With a pioneering team of expert professionals, we have been innovating best practices and efficient transformations for customers who rely on us.

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IT Project Management Services

PM Tasks has extended its domain of service into the field of IT Project Management Services, encompassing consulting, training and outsourcing operations along with the implementation of solutions and tools.

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Collaboration tools

Offering our customers the much-needed resources of flexibility and customization, PM Tasks brings in the option of identifying and implementing a collaboration tool that fits into customer needs, while allowing a smooth flow of information and files.


Project Tracking

PM Tasks shares the enormous burden with its customers of handling their project through its technology-driven project tracking. This helps customers plan, monitor and achieve time-bound targets.


Resource Management

We help customers place sustainable management at the fore by providing effective resource management guidelines and services. This enables customers to efficiently manage and utilize human and capital resources on their projects.


Vendor Management

Bridging the gap between the various stakeholders involved from a project’s conception to completion, PM Tasks helps in competent handling and management of different vendors and suppliers for its customers.


Budgeting and Forecasting

We understand the significance of financial capital when it comes to projects, which is why we offer comprehensive budgeting and forecasting services to customers, helping them set achievable, feasible targets for the short- and long-terms.


Digital Services

The internet has assumed vast importance for businesses and projects, PM Tasks assists its clients in leveraging the prowess of the online media through an array of digital templates and solutions.


Why Choose Us?

Inclusive Diversity

A job as comprehensive as project management demands diversity and inclusion. PM Tasks team of competent experts with global experiences, diverse skillsets and varied backgrounds brings exactly these values to the table.

Industry-Ready Knowhow

Our practical solutions are born out of the industry-rich and market-intensive understanding of our team that has formed over the years. Therefore, our solutions have the potential of fitting in seamlessly to your environment and goals.


We are a Canadian company who takes pride in integration of various cultures and equality among all humans.

Technological Proficiency

PM Tasks knows how to keep up with the times, especially when it comes to technology. Our propagative and progressive work culture imbibes technological excellence as an enabler of human interactions and competent outcomes along with evergreen soft skills.

Diversity and Inclusion

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Consulting Assignments


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